Sponsorship & Exhibition


The Zeiss Xradia Ultra family is the only commercially available X-ray microscope that utilizes synchrotron quality X-ray optics and provides true spatial resolution down to <50nm and minimum achievable voxels of 16nm. · Visit Website
Alvéotec has mastered the only one proccess that allows the production of metal foam with regular shape and opened cells. The fact that metal foam is made with a regular shape by an industrial process allows to identically reproduce its performance. · Visit Website
Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden is involved in fundamental and applied research to develop new sintered and composite materials, as well as cellular metallic materials manufactured with innovative technologies derived from powder metallurgy. · Visit Website
American Elements, global manufacturer of high purity porous & nanoporous metals & metallic foams
American Elements manufactures a wide variety of metal and ceramic foams. Foamed metals can be produced with either open or closed cells. Tailoring of pore sizes and material density to customer specifications is available for most materials. · Visit Website
Bruker microCT formerly known as SkyScan develops and manufactures microtomography and nanotomography systems for non-destructive 3D imaging.Scanners are supplied with high speed GPU-accelerated reconstruction. · Visit Website
Sariki and Nikon Metrology provides
industrial X-ray and CT systems that bring high accuracy and the ability to measure internal and external dimensions simultaneously in a non-destructive way. · Visit Website
X-Ray Engineering bvba (XRE) is an X-ray system manufacturer that offers customized solutions designed to achieve the best resolution and image quality. Their systems are used in research labs as well as in production lines for fully automated quality inspection in both 2D and 3D.· Visit Website
Maspero Tech is a division of tech research & development for Foundry Maspero, in order to bring the company an advanced wealth of knowledge and innovation in various applications such as aluminum foam and 3D metal printing.· Visit Website
iMorph is a 3D image analysis software that permits the morphological characterization of porous media and more precisely cellular materials. That allows the differentiation of the porosity, tortuosity, and specific surface measurements.
· Visit Website
Aluinvent develops a new type of aluminium foam which shows outstanding mechanical properties and has controlled and homogeneous pore size distribution. Extremely stable aluminium foams, which can be cast into complex forms and remelted without loss of foam integrity and can be recycled.
· Visit Website

Become an exhibitor

We have created different options for sponsoring Metfoam 2015 and/or exhibit your products during this event. You may decide to become simply a sponsor of the conference, exhibit your products or become both sponsor and exhibitor at reduced fares.

Sponsorship includes:

· Your company logo
· Link on the conference website
· Your logo on the abstract book
· Your logo in the conference boards/displays
· A short advertisement prior to the announcement of the coffee break.

Exhibitor registration gives the chance of:

· Including your logo, link in a special section created in the web page
· Display signs in the conference venue and break areas
· One complimentary conference admission.
· Space to exhibit your products.

Complimentary space can be requested at reasonable fares. If you wish to register more than one person from your company we can offer you a discount in the 2nd, 3rd, etc registration fees for your company.

You may also decide to become simultaneously sponsor and exhibitor with the mentioned rights and reduce fares.

Sponsorship or exhibitor registration should be requested directly to the conference secretariat by sending one e-mail to secretariat@metfoam2015.org

Inscription type Fee
Sponsor 1000 €
Exhibitor 1800 € (includes registration for one person)
Exhibitor & sponsor 2200 € (includes registration for one person)